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Simply order the amount of visitors you want to see your offer.

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Add the link to your landing page that you want visits to.

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Sit back and enjoy hassle free incoming quality traffic.

What Will Your Experience Be Like When You Get Solo Ad Leads from

Website Traffic

We serve and deliver website traffic in the form of "clicks" on a Pay-Per-Click Basis.


  • The prospects visits your landing page to enter your email list.

Your optin page (Web form) and message, and a few other factors we cannot judge, determine your results/conversion with the visitors you get from a solo ad.

  • Your prospects will see your thank you page if you setup a redirect after your landing page and that is the first conversion point, if you wish then email follow up, all which you serve your clients for mutual results.

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Aren't You Sick And Tired Of Struggling To Get Consistent Quality Traffic Even If Your Offer Rocks?

  • EASY order - Just submit your #1. Link...
  • Targeted visitors - People will look at your offers...
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 'You're In The Right Place For Guaranteed Right Leads'

Solo Ads is a FAST way to get consistent, affordable targeted human visitors...

...also known as "traffic"...

...visiting to your offers.

Entrepreneurs hire the services MailMush provide because we help with solving the need of any other means of traffic, with their service.

Bottom line:

When you order with our easy 1-2-3 booking...


We flip the switch...

​​​​​​​... and you get seen by the right people that are interested in your offers, guaranteed.

We test our email lists often to ensure that the leads are delivering to our customers are people who would be interested in the offers you are providing so that you can increase your leadflow, your buyers revenue and your business.

Hello, Rune Ellingsen here.

What makes MailMush the best traffic source for your business?


200 Clicks 95% T1 Traffic - Deliver within 24 hours or one business day.

0.50 Cents per click.


100 Clicks 95% T1 Traffic - Delivered within 24 hours.

0.50 Cents per click.

At we provide you with

Solo Ads Traffic.

It is of our highest interest to deliver targeted and qualified website traffic in the form of interested quality leads, for you.

Our BOLD Promise And Guarantee

  • 1. We Guarantee Our List Provide Great Leads That Will Love Your Offers
  • 2. We Guarantee 95% USA and Canada eMail Traffic - Real Human Eyeballs, Interested In Your Offers, No Bots, Just Real Emails, Real Clicks.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​BIZ OP

(Business Opportunities, AKA Biz Ops, and Making Money Online Systems, AKA "MMO" and Internet Marketing.)


(Mindset, Personal Growth, Success etc.)


  • 95% Tier1 Traffic

​​​​​​​ High Quality English Speaking Traffic As Measured By Industry Leading Data Software ClickMagick

This traffic, visitors from these countries has the highest potential to spend their money with you.

  • Link tracking with ClickMagick

You will receive a tracking link for your results on every order.

Easily see the results of your campign including data and details on your visitor traffic and the exact amount of clicks received on every order.


  • Quick Turnaround Time!

When you book your traffic...

All Solo Ads will normally start sending within 24 Hours

(Monday to Saturday)

  • Competitive and affordable pricing

On all order sizes from 50 to 50,000 clicks

Get Consistent Traffic with our monthly discounted packages so that you have consistent new leads coming in all month long.​​​​​​​

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Here's what you can expect:

Your offer in front of  leads as engaged  prospects that may turn into buyers

We provide solo emails with high quality leads in the following niches:

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500 Clicks 95% T1 Traffic - Delivered within 24 hours.

Special Discounted Bulk Pricing

0.45 Cents per click.

1000 Clicks 95% T1 Traffic - Delivered within 24 hours.

Special Discounted Bulk Pricing​​​​​​​ 

0.42 Cents per click.

How would you feel if traffic was coming to your site on autopilot without any other effort whatsoever on your part...  ...other than giving us one link?

Our Triple Rock Solid Guarantee

1. We guarantee to send you great leads that are interested in your offers.

2. We also guarantee that you will be getting a transparent report with your order.

3. On top of that, you are ensured to enjoy real emails, and real clicks from real people from our human detection system.