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Solo Ads

At, we provide you with Solo Ads.

It is of our highest interest to deliver targeted and qualified website traffic in the form of interested quality leads, for you.

Website Traffic

Our Solo Ad Leads are interested in:

  • Business Opportunities, AKA Biz Ops, and Making Money Online Systems, AKA "MMO" and Internet Marketing.
  • Personal Development, Mindset etc.
  • Health and Fitness.

How Does It Work?

We serve and deliver website traffic in the form of "clicks" on a Pay-Per-Click Basis.

  • The prospects visits your landing page to enter your email list.

Your optin page (Web form) and message, and a few other factors we cannot judge, determine your results/conversion with the visitors you get from a solo ad.

  • Your prospects will see your thank you page if you setup a redirect after your landing page and that is the first conversion point, if you wish then email follow up, all which you serve your clients for mutual results.

Our Methodology

We use what we call Media Buys and Data Feeds  to amass a great number of leads from proven vendors for you.

We also validate the leads in house to ensure that they don't bounce.


We test our leads as a data provider to be certain that the leads coming in to you are valid and scrubbed to avoid bad emails and trickery.

Then we send these emails based on their response.


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Services We Offer

Quality Solo Ad Leads

Solo Ads

Solo Ads, made for Entrepreneurs looking for website traffic to their offers/landing pages/funnels etc.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business.

By ordering high quality solo ad traffic, you can measure your results right away with targeted prospects flooding to your offers.

For larger orders, contact us.

Are You Interested in our Service?

If you have a particular set of questions...

Please contact us below so we can help you get started.

Or, have us serve you quality traffic...

  • 95% T1 Traffic - High Quality Traffic As Measure By ClickMagick
  • Industry leading link tracking with ClickMagick - You will receive a tracking link on every orders
  • Every Order Delivered within 24 Hours (No Sunday Orders)
  • Competitive pricing on all order sizes from 50 clicks to 50,000 clicks
  • Monthly Automated Orders Possible - Autobills and Traffic Delivered Uniformily Over 30 Days
  • Expect Highly Engaged List Members That Turn Into Buyers

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  • 1. We Guarantee to Serve You With 100% Fresh Leads.
  • 2. We Guarantee 95% USA and Canada eMail Traffic - Real Human Eyeballs, No Bots, Fake Clicks or Tricks​​​​​​​



200 Clicks 95% T1 Traffic - Deliver within 24 hours or one business day.

0.50 Cents per click.



  • BIZ OP

Our BOLD Promise And Guarantee: 

100 Clicks 95% T1 Traffic - Deliver within 24 hours or one business day.

0.50 Cents per click.

500 Clicks 95% T1 Traffic - Deliver within 24 hours or one business day.

0.45 Cents per click.

1000 Clicks 95% T1 Traffic - Deliver within 24 hours or one business day.

42 Cents per click.

Aren't You Sick And Tired Of Struggling To Get Consistent Quality Traffic Even If Your Offer Rocks?

Hello, Rune Ellingsen here.

Limited Discounts On 'Guaranteed Fresh Leads'

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