Frequently Asked Questions

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Q- Where can I find customer reviews about your website?

A-Click here and you’ll be redirected to our testimonials page where you can read customer reviews.

Q- How much does it cost?

A-We have several products:

Q -What if I don't like the product?

A-We serve website traffic, in the form of interested visitors coming into your website from our solo ad service. We give you targeted traffic, but it's up to you to convert them into your followers, clients, and customers. Therefore, we do no not offer a refund as there are to many variables for a given client. We urge our tribe to optimize their funnels as much as possible both before and during traffic campaigns.

Q- Is it safe to Buy Online?

A-We take security very seriously. This is the reason we protect our customers with Software Projects security, and you can be sure your data is safe at all times. Your order is 100% secure. It is fully encrypted with a 256-bit SSL certificate, which is used by all major banks.

Q- Am I allowed to print copies of your site?

A-Yes, you may.  You can print from your personal printer or you can go to a print shop, as well.

Q-Is your product  available for purchase on other websites?

A-We want to make sure your data is safe, so we put a lot of effort into creating this secure website. This is the only place where you can buy our product at this special price.

Q-How do I order?

A-Simply [click here] You will be instantly directed to your page.

Q-How do I unsubscribe?

A-We’d love to have you in our community, however, if you want to unsubscribe,either send us an email or hit unsubscribe in the bottom of an email sent to you and you’ll stop receiving emails from us.