Refund Policy

We are confident that you'll get the results you're expecting from our products.

Still, because of the nature of solo ads and the nature of this setting, traffic going to a landing page and offer, with your variables to your funnel, follow up sequence, etc... we do not offer a refund on our traffic.

When you order traffic through our service you get exactly what we advertise, website visitors that are interested in business opportunity, internet marketing related offers.

Some people like different offers, therefore when you drive traffic to an offer we can not say if that will 100% be a winner for you.

Your funnel is your key area of focus before you order traffic.

Be sure to have a good sequence of pages and emails from start to finish to ensure you reap the best possible result with your campaigns.

We hope you understand our concern for your success and our policy.

For any questions about our return policy, please contact us via email

However, we appreciate it if you could tell us the reason you're not satisfied with our product if you ever should have anything to adress.


This is not mandatory, but it would help our team create more efficient products for you in the future. We strongly believe  that constant improvement is the key to success and your feedback is greatly appreciated.

We aim to please you as our trusted clients.